Internet & Web Services

Connectivity and Networks:

Current Wireless at CU: Whether you’re a student, faculty, staff or a guest to our campus you have the ability to connect to the wireless network. Your computer or mobile device requires 802.11 wireless networking capability. If you are unsure of your the wireless device capabilities, review the device specification or contact ICT Technical Support.

Wired Networking on Campus: Wired access to the CU network and systems, and high speed Internet is provided in most areas of the campus. Access is available in employee offices, many conference rooms and classrooms. There are open ports in a few campus buildings, however you will need to bring your own Ethernet cord to access the wired network through these ports. Like the wireless network, any activity on the wired network is subject to the Acceptable Use Policy.

Email, Messaging and Web:

You must be a current member of the University of Chittagong faculty/staff in an eligible department to have an email account administered and/or provided by ICT Cell.

Website Hosting:

ICT Cell offers hosting for departmental websites under Chittagong University Domain. Please contact the IT Service Desk for more information.