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How do I create profile in CU Webportal?

A faculty member or an officer of this university is eligible to create his/her own profile in CU Web Portal. To create a profile please fill up and submit the form below. Please note that after receiving a requisition an invitation email will be sent to you shortly.

Please fill up the form below and submit with your necessary information.

CU Webportal Registration Form

ইংরেজিতে পুরো নাম লিখুন
আপনার পদবী নির্বাচন করুন
Name of your working Department/Institute/Office/Research Centre
Please write down your Academic/Official email id where you want to receive registration link
Please find 4 digits code in the top-left corner of your monthly salary slip printed like ‘কোডঃ ১২৩৪’
Please write down your position number at department
Please provide your mobile Number

You will get email from Its automated. Don’t forget to check spam folder if it’s not in inbox. If you face any difficulty please contact

You will get an Invitation From CU WEBPORTAL regarding registration process. The e-mail body will contain the text

You are invited to get yourself registered in CU WEBPORTAL . Please click on the bellow ‘Accept Invitation’ button to go to the registration page.
Thank you.  “

You will be redirected to the registration page. Please follow the instruction as per image.

Please go to very bottom of our website or click
and give username and password you have just created at earlier step.

Please see the images below carefully. After giving primary information don’t forget to click “Publish” button. You will be able to upload your profile image after publishing your primary information.

After giving basic information please upload profile image. It is not mandatory to upload profile image.

Now You are on your own. You can update your profile at any time by yourself.