What is the procedure of getting official email?

Please fill up the form below and submit with your necessary information. Upon receiving academic email id creation request, email will be created within 10 minutes to 6 hours max.

ইংরেজিতে পুরো নাম লিখুন
আপনার পদবী নির্বাচন করুন
Name of your working Department/Institute/Office/Research Centre
চবিতে চাকুরীজীবীদের ৪ সংখ্যার ব্যাক্তিগত নথি/ফাইল নম্বর (এটি বেতনের স্লিপে উল্লেখ থাকে)
Please write down your desired email ID (Option 1) such as xyz@cu.ac.bd
Please write down your desired email ID (Option 2) such as xyz.eng@cu.ac.bd
Please provide your mobile Number
Your personal Email Address such as xyz@gmail.com/xyz@yahoo.com

User must check his/her existing-alternate email for their new password set link. This link will remain valid for 48 hours.

You will get an email from The Google Workspace Team. Its automated. If you face any difficulty please contact shimul.ict@cu.ac.bd.

Instructions and Troubleshooting